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Best known for their nutty flavor as a snack and in recipes, macadamia nuts grow on the macadamia trees indigenous to Australia. Macadamia oil:

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What is Macadamia Oil?

Indigenous to Australia, the Macadamia tree is an evergreen tree that can grow from 6 to 40 feet tall. The macadamia nut has been used in culinary practices and the oil derived from it’s the macadamia nut is used in cooking and has also been used topically to nourish the skin.

As an alternative cooking oil, Macadamia oil is rich in beneficial monounsaturated fatty acids, making it a perfect replacement for olive oil. Macadamia oil contains more oleic acid than olive oil – allowing macadamia nut oil to naturally help support healthy cholesterol levels already within a normal range.** With a high heat capacity, a smock point of 410°F, macadamia nut oil is a versatile addition to any pantry.

Macadamia Oil Products

Piping Rock’s pure Macadamia Nut Oil is cold pressed from the nuts of the Australian Macadamia integrifolia tree.

Directions For Use

Macadamia Oil's delicate nutty flavor lends itself to most any dish and is ideal for everyday use. Use in cooking from low to high heat. Great for frying, sautéing, dressings, soups, and salads. Can also be added to shakes and smoothies to boost nutritional content and add its familiar flavor. For optimum freshness, keep refrigerated and use within 1 year after opening.