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Immune support supplements may include herbal extracts, mushroom extracts, probiotics, vitamins and minerals that help to reinforce your natural defenses as well as:**

  • Support healthy immune responses**

  • Promote immune cell production and activity**

  • Rejuvenate immune system's antioxidant activity**

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What are Immune Support Products?

The human immune system regularly contends with tests to everyday health, detecting various biological agents and determining how to respond accordingly. Each year there are more than one billion instances of seasonal health issues. Particularly during these transitional time periods, immune function can benefit from nutritional fortification.**

Immune support supplements are made from diverse natural sources, including plants, fungus and "friendly" bacteria. Immune supplements promote ideal immunity in a number of ways, most notably by playing a key role in regulating inflammatory responses. Immunity support nutrients often supply abundant antioxidant activity that helps to neutralize free radicals and counter oxidative stress. Still other immune supplements appear to activate and orchestrate immune cells, issuing a “call to action” when threats manifest.**

In addition to individual immunity supplements, some immune support products are offered in pairings or formulas. Supplemental immune support nutrients should be always taken as a part of a healthy lifestyle.** The most popular immune support supplements include:

  • Vitamin C- An essential nutrient, vitamin C provides significant antioxidant and immune support. Vitamin C is available in a number of forms, including an easy-to-absorb and bioavailable form called PureWay-C.**
  • Probiotics- These kinds of "good" bacteria, which include Lactobacillus acidophilus, promote digestive health. This, in turn, fosters immune support, since approximately 80% of the immune system resides in the gastrointestinal tract. Probiotics also help to modulate inflammation, further supporting an ideal immune response.**
  • Olive Leaf- Derived from leaves of the world-renowned olive tree, this nutrient presents a valued herb for immune support. Olive leaf extract features polyphenols, notably the active compound oleuropein, that have potent antioxidant and immune-supportive activity.**
  • Elderberry/Sambucus- Also known by its genus, Sambucus, elderberry is a flowering and fruit-bearing tree. Both elderflowers and polyphenol-rich elderberries have long been used in traditional European wellness practices, especially during times of seasonal immune system challenges. Research has confirmed that sambucus is tied to immune support, inflammatory support, cardiovascular and respiratory benefits.**
  • Echinacea- Often paired with goldenseal root, echinacea is a coneflower with a history of use in Native American health traditions. In recent decades, science has confirmed that echinacea possesses immunomodulating attributes that regulate inflammation, making it one of the most popular herbs for supporting immunity during seasonal change.**
  • Goldenseal- This botanical root is frequently combined with echinacea as an herbal method of immune support. Research has suggested that goldenseal's ability to uphold healthy immunity is related to its antimicrobial activity and its natural compounds berberine and hydrastine.**
  • Mushrooms- The fleshy parts of a fungus, mushrooms have long been called upon in Asian health traditions, particularly for immune support. Mushrooms appear to support immune performance by supplying polysaccharides that help promote immune cell production. Some mushroom varieties also help to modulate inflammation in the body.**

Immune Support Products

Immune supplements are derived from a wide array of sources, including plants and beneficial bacteria and fungus. Immune support products are offered in a range of forms, including capsules, tablets, powders and liquids. Some immune supplements are presented in combinations; echinacea and goldenseal are an especially common pairing.**

Immune Support Product Directions for Use

Confer with your health care practitioner before starting any routine intake of immune supplements. For many immune support products, there is no standard dosage.**