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Green tea fragrance oil boasts the clean and full bodied scent of this traditional tea for a refreshing addition to any craft project. Use green tea fragrance oil to:

  • Add a refreshing and slightly floral aroma to any fragrance blend.

  • Make fantastic spring and summer-themed homemade projects.

  • Create candles, potpourri, body products, & more!

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What is Green Tea?

Green tea is considered one of the oldest herbal teas in existence, originating in China over four millennia ago, first being brewed in 2737 B.C. and used in traditional East Asian tea ceremonies. Made from the leaves of the Camellia sinensis plant, green tea is minimally oxidized offering a light flavor and color.

Chinese and Japanese cultures have historically used the tea as a key element in day-to-day life, appreciating it for its refreshing flavor and incorporating it into tea ceremonies and traditional wellness practices. Chinese green tea leaves are pan fried or oven/sun dried to create an earthy taste, while Japanese green tea leaves are steamed for a leafier flavor.

Green Tea Fragrance Oil

Green tea boasts a clean and full-bodied aroma, combining the refreshing scent of freshly brewed green tea with a hint of floral sweetness. This fragrance oil combines well with honey and lemon scents and can add an elegant scent to any of your craft projects. Green tea fragrance oil is an excellent and unique addition to any fragrance collection.

Directions for Use

Piping Rock’s top-quality fragrance oils mimic the natural scent of plants, flowers, and other favorite aromas. Use green tea fragrance oil in any DIY project that could use a fresh burst of fragrance, such as in making perfume, candles, soaps, body products, potpourri, and more! Fragrance oils can also be used in diffusers as you would with essential oils.