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Oregano Oil supplies beneficial antioxidant phenols. It promotes clear, healthy respiration as well as:**

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What is Oregano?

A fragrant herb originating in the Mediterranean, oregano is a perennial plant in the Lamiaceae family, which also includes lavender, mint and thyme. Prized for centuries, oregano is common in Greek and Italian cooking and was valued in ancient Greece and Rome for its health-promoting properties.** Oil of oregano is also a cornerstone of Ayurvedic and traditional Chinese wellness practices, typically used to support the digestive and immune systems.** In addition to its popularity as a fresh or dry herb, the plant is also steam-distilled and presented as concentrated oil of oregano, which can be taken internally or applied topically for wellness applications.

Internally, oregano oil wellness uses involve its potent antioxidant activities.** In addition to optimizing respiratory wellness and immune system function, oregano oil benefits may promote healthy digestion, colon and liver wellness, joint care, and urinary tract health.** Topically, oil of oregano uses include its spicy, reviving fragrance, which has been noted in aromatherapy practices to relax as it uplifts.

Oregano Products:

Oil of oregano products are extracted from the leaves of the herb, sometimes with other aerial parts such as the stem. For internal use, oregano oil of oregano products are available as capsules, softgels and liquid extracts. Oil of oregano is also sold as an essential oil for topical use, and can be blended with other complementary oils such as basil and thyme.

Oregano Oil Directions for Use:

Prior to supplementation with oil of oregano or any other supplements, seek advice from your physician. Oil of oregano capsules and softgels are routinely offered in a range between 1000 and 2000 mg. Some oregano oil capsules are presented in a 10:1 concentration. As a liquid extract, oil of oregano may be standardized to supply a guaranteed level of the active ingredient carvacrol. Oil of oregano liquid extracts dosage is typically four drops taken with water or olive oil when taken internally. Oregano oil can also be applied topically as needed. Be sure to spot-test for adverse reactions when applying oregano oil topically. Oil of oregano as an essential oil should be used according to product recommendations.