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Burdock root is a tall, flowering plant which is native to Asia and Central Europe. It's been a part of traditonal Japanese and Chinese wellness practices for thousands of years. Known for its benefits, it's a wellness staple. Shop Piping Rock' selection that includes: 

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What is Burdock?

A tall, flowering plant native to Asia and central Europe, burdock has a root that has long been valued for its blood purifying, diuretic, inflammation-modulating, aphrodisiac and culinary applications in Chinese, Japanese and Anglo-Saxon wellness traditions. The plant grows as a weed across North America, where it is also known as Arctium minus; in Asia and Europe, the plant is cultivated as a source of food and a health tonic, and is known as Arctium lappa. Although modern clinical evidence is lacking, this herb has been extensively used in folk wellness traditions for a diversity of health concerns.**

In traditional Chinese medicine, burdock root is considered a blood tonic. Scientific research suggests that its high inulin content -- comprising up to 50% of the roots' mass – benefits blood glucose, helping to support blood sugar levels already within normal range. In folk wellness practices, burdock root is also believed to purify and detoxify the blood. Supplying natural iron and quercetin, the root further supports healthy, oxygenated blood and robust circulation.**

Burdock's long, carrot-like roots provide inulin; this fibrous carbohydrate is classified as a pre-biotic and supports the growth of beneficial bacteria in a healthy digestive system. Research indicates that compounds found in burdock root such as arctigenin and its glycoside arctiin components have soothing, inflammation-modulating effects in the digestive tract, further supporting gastrointestinal health and comfort. The root's antioxidant mechanisms protect against free radicals in the gastrointestinal tract as well, and may promote regeneration in the stomach's mucous membrane layer.**

When applied topically, extract of the root soothes inflammation and stimulates collagen production, supporting healthy-looking skin. The root oil also supplies essential fatty acids and phytosterols that help to support healthy hair while promoting skin hydration. With its inflammation-modulating effects and ability to enhance skin circulation, burdock may also help with skin issues related to flaking, scaling and itching.**

Burdock Root Supplements

Burdock root supplements are available in a range of forms, including capsules, dried powder, tea, tinctures, liquids and fluid extracts. These supplements sometimes contain complementary herbs such as chicory, stinging nettle and dandelion.**

Burdock Root Liquid Extract

Enjoy all of the amazing benefits of Burdock Root now in liquid form. Piping Rock's high quality formula offers 2 mL Burdock Root Extract (Arctium lappa) in a single serving. It's alcohol & sugar-free and perfect for any wellness routine. Simply add drops from tincture to water daily and bask in its herbal splendor!