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Vitamin B-9, also known as Folic Acid, supports healthy pregnancy. It plays an important role in fetal development, which is why it is a central ingredient in prenatal vitamins.** In addition to supporting mother and unborn child, Vitamin B-9/Folic Acid also:

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What is Vitamin B-9/Folic Acid?

Often referred to as “the pregnancy vitamin,” vitamin B9 plays an integral role in prenatal health, in addition to helping manage many of the body’s metabolic processes. Sometimes known as folic acid or folate, vitamin B9 is an effective antioxidant that fights damaging free radicals. Folic acid is one of several B vitamins that the body is unable to synthesize on its own but requires for various important functions. This is why vitamin B9 is considered an “essential” vitamin.**

Like other B-complex vitamins, folic acid helps turn food into energy by facilitating its breakdown into forms the body can use. Vitamin B9 is especially key to synthesizing the amino acids needed to create DNA and RNA, the basic building blocks of every cell. Vitamin B9 is also invaluable to prenatal wellness, with pregnant women supporting the health of their child in utero by ensuring that their folic acid levels are high enough. Vitamin B9 is perhaps most well-known for warding off neural tube birth defects, and is regarded as a simple and cost-effective way to nutritionally support healthy pregnancy.**

Additionally, vitamin B9 plays a role in promoting cardiovascular wellness, in part by modulating levels of homocysteine, an amino acid that has been linked to heart function.**

Other benefits of vitamin B9 include nutritional support for cognitive health, particularly optimal memory, and emotional balance. Low blood levels of folic acid have been linked to mood issues.**

Vitamin B-9/Folic Acid Supplements

Folic acid supplements are generally recommended for women who are expecting a child, which is why folic acid is a key ingredient of all prenatal multivitamins. In addition to its ubiquitous presence in prenatal supplements, vitamin B-9 is commonly available by itself, with vitamin B12 or as part of a B-complex multivitamin in tablet or capsule form.**

Vitamin B-9/Folic Acid Directions for Use

Taking a vitamin B-9 supplement or starting any other nutritional supplementation is not recommended without speaking with your health care provider. The most common folic acid dosage is at least 400 mcg on a daily basis, with pregnant women needing closer to 600 mcg of vitamin B-9 every day.**