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Cosmetic products support firm, youthful-­looking skin and the luminous glow of natural beauty. These topical facial creams, serums and oils help to:

  • Optimize antioxidant levels to support healthy aging**

  • Help maintain skin’s supple smoothness and elasticity**

  • Hydrate skin for comfort and touchable softness**

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What are Cosmetics?

Cosmetics, in the conventional sense, generally refer to makeup. In the field of natural health, however, this term is cast in a different light. It encompasses products that help to uphold a youthful appearance while encouraging innate natural beauty to shine through. Cosmetic nutrients feature various beneficial compounds that help to nourish and support the skin, including vitamins, botanical extracts and essential fatty acids. These products often supply antioxidants that help to neutralize the skin cell­damaging effects of free radicals. They may supply building-­block proteins that support the molecular structure of the skin’s underlying matrix. Natural emollients found in these products help to soften, soothe and hydrate the skin, supporting both comfort and beauty.** Deep cleansing properties are also commonly tied to natural cosmetic products.**

Studies have shown that cosmetics with natural ingredients have become increasingly sought­ after during the last two decades. In fact, one survey has suggested that more than 35% of consumers try to select natural personal­care products all or most of the time. Some natural cosmetic products not only benefit the body—they are allied with green practices that also help the earth. For example, the Moroccan production of oil from argan trees has been linked to anchoring the area's arid soil and countering erosion, while providing the women of the region with fair wages. Beauty products with natural ingredients also tend to avoid the use of chemicals and toxins that can pollute the environment after being washed down the drain.

Among the most popular natural cosmetic products are:**

  • Argan Oil: Derived from the fruit kernel of the exotic argan tree, this in­demand oil has been used in Moroccan traditions for centuries. Primarily used externally, argan oil contains various beneficial nutrients, including vitamin E and essentials fatty acids, along with other antioxidant compounds that assist in promoting healthy skin and hair.**
  • Hyaluronic Acid: A widely studied compound, hyaluronic acid is a major component of the skin that may decline during aging. Investigations have suggested that it aids in maintaining optimal skin pliability and hydration.** Although available in other forms for internal use, it is prominent in both serums and creams for external application as a skin moisturizer and conditioner.
  • Vitamin C Cream: Renowned as an antioxidant, vitamin C has considerable skin­supportive benefits as a cream.** This topical product helps to counter the effect of harmful free radicals that advance the aging process.** It also encourages collagen production for healthy skin elasticity.**
  • Collagen & Placenta: Collagen is a key protein found in the body. It makes up most connective tissues and helps to keep skin supple and firm.** Some research has suggested that collagen levels may diminish with age. Collagen cream, which is ideal for nighttime use, often is blended with placental cells, which are another source of skin­-supportive proteins.**
  • DMAE & CoQ10 Cream: Also known as deanol, DMAE is a natural alcohol associated with skin benefits, while CoQ10 (coenzyme Q10) is an antioxidant found throughout the body that has numerous wellness-­supportive roles.** Although both compounds may be taken internally, in combined cream form they aid in maintaining smooth, healthy skin during the aging process.**
  • Vitamin E, A & D Cream: Three vitamins that are important to many aspects of overall health, E, A & D all share beneficial properties for skin, including antioxidant activity.** As a blended topical cream, these vitamins help maintain healthy, supple skin and support aging wellness.**
  • Cucumber Cleansing Cream: A popular garden vegetable, the cucumber is associated with spa treatments and a cool, relaxing sensation. Cucumbers naturally supply vitamins A, C and K, which have all been linked to maintaining healthy skin.** In addition to cucumber extract, this cream features other ingredients that cleanse, moisturize and refresh the neck and face.**

Cosmetic Products

Cosmetics are commonly available as topical creams, liquids, serums, lotions and oils. Creams often combine various ingredients in skin­-supporting formulas.

Cosmetics Directions for Use

Cosmetics supply active nutrients in a diverse combinations and a wide range of potencies, so there is no standard directions for use. They are intended for external application only. Talk to your health care practitioner if you have any concerns before using these cosmetic creams and skin-­care products.