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Colostrum is a fluid produced by mammals that have just given birth. It is a nourishing, nutrient-dense superfood that supplies growth factors and key antibodies.** Colostrum also:

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What is Colostrum?

For a few days after giving birth, mammals produce a fluid that serves as newborns' initial diet for the first 48 hours of life. This special pre-milk is known as colostrum, and it contains a rich array of biologically active compounds for survival: Antibodies, proteins, anti-microbial compounds and growth factors. Colostrum is nature’s ideal food for nourishing and strengthening newborns while encouraging development of a healthy immune system.**

Though mammals have always relied on colostrum as their initial source of food, recent attention on the benefits of breastfeeding, as well as many scientific studies, have sparked interest in its potential as a nutritional supplement. Colostrum supplements are derived from cows’ pre-milk, which is very similar to human pre-milk.**

When compared to "mature" milk, colostrum contains three to four times the amount of proteins, vitamins, and immunoglobulins. These immunoglobulins are antibodies that promote robust immune system function throughout the GI tract and mucous membranes. It also supplies a range of growth factors. Research indicates that supplementation with this pre-milk may also increase the proliferation of certain nucleotides and other natural compounds that help regulate the digestive system.**

Many colostrum benefits are linked to its ability to transfer immunities from mothers to newborns. Molecular structures in pre-milk known as “transfer factors” enhance the immune system, helping to modulate inflammation, support digestion, optimize oral hygiene and even promote healing.**

Colostrum may enhance athletic performance, as well. Studies suggest that its high levels of serum insulin-like growth factor, or IGF-1, may promote muscle growth and an increase in lean mass when taken in conjunction with a high-intensity exercise regimen. This natural substance also optimizes energy recovery. Research indicates that colostrum supplementation may improve help athletes heal and regain strength more rapidly after heavy exercise, which has led to its popularity as a sports nutrition supplement.**

Colostrum Supplements

While colostrum is produced by all mammals, colostrum supplements are typically derived from cows’ pre-milk. They are available in powder, tablet, capsule, bar and liquid form. Some supplements may be standardized to supply a higher potency of immunoglobulins and proteins, namely, lactoferrin.**

Colostrum Directions for Use

Before adding any supplements to your healthcare regimen, be sure to talk with your medical provider. As part of a daily supplemental program, the recommended colostrum dosage is 500 mg to 1000 mg. Those seeking athletic performance and lean muscle mass benefits may require higher dosage.**