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Camu Camu is a rainforest superfruit that naturally contains some of the highest levels of vitamin C in the world! Now available in convenient supplement form, Piping Rock’s Camu Camu supplements:

  • Deliver vitamin C in the form of ascorbic acid

  • Contain naturally occurring bioflavonoids and phytonutrients

  • Promote antioxidant activity**

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What is Camu Camu?

Camu Camu (Myrciana dubia) is a low-growing shrub found thriving along riversides in the Amazon Rainforest throughout Peru and Brazil. It bears red-purple cherry-like fruits that are becoming increasingly more treasured around the world as a “rainforest super-fruit” due to their rich supply of vitamin C—more so than oranges!—as well as their naturally-occurring bioflavonoids and phytonutrients.

It has only been in recent decades that the value of these fruits has been appreciated by those living in its natural habitat, let alone by people worldwide. The people of the rainforest in South America drink a sour-sweet juice made from the fruit to support immune wellness, thanks to its supply of vitamin C.**

Camu Camu Supplements

Camu Camu is often found as a sweet and sour powder that can be added to smoothies, yogurt, or other recipes to enhance the nutritional content. It has recently become popular in supplement form as well, typically as an extract of the fruit.

Piping Rock offers a 4:1 extract of this super fruit in easy-to-swallow quick release capsules, delivering up to 32 mg of vitamin C per serving. Vitamin C promotes antioxidant activity within the body, helping to fight the cell-damaging effects of free radicals while supporting immune wellness.**

Camu Camu Powder

Enjoy this tropical rainforest superfruit now in organic powder. Camu Powder (Myciaria dubia) is naturally rich Vitamin C and has a subtly sweet and sour flavor. Mixes well with water for a nutrient-rich shake.