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Beet roots are known for their rich, nutritional profile. They are packed with Vitamin C, Potassium, Iron, Folate, Manganese, and more. This vegetable been enjoyed for centuries, since they make a great addition to any culinary dish. Piping Rock's Beet Root supplement selection includes: 

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What Is Beet Root?

Packed with vitamin C, potassium, iron, folate, manganese and other beneficial nutrients, beet root has long been consumed for its health benefits. The Ancient Greeks and Ancient Romans consumed beet root juice for supporting skin health and digestion. **

Beet roots are the taproots of the beet, or Beta vulgaris, plants. The dark purple-red vegetables have been used as food and dyes, as well as in sweeteners. It has been used in wellness traditions going back for centuries. All parts of the beet root, including its leafy top, can be consumed raw or cooked, and the beet root can be prepared as a juice. However, beet root extract is also offered as a supplement for those that do not like the taste.

Today, beet root is used for promoting healthy circulation, blood pressure levels already within a normal range and in maintaining overall cardiovascular health.** Beet root also contains a compound called betaine, which may even support healthy liver function.**

Beet Root Products

Beet root, as a vegetable, can be consumed as a food either raw or cooked. It can also be processed into a juice. Beet root extract is available in multiple forms, including capsules and tablets, for those who wish to obtain all of its wellness benefits but do not have time to prepare the vegetable or do not like the taste.

Beet Root Directions For Use

Talk to a health care professional prior about beet root benefits before beginning any supplement regimen. A standard beet root recommended daily allowance has not yet been established.