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Veganism isn’t just a diet but more of a lifestyle choice. To support your lifestyle, Piping Rock has created a vast collection of premium vegan products. Our diverse assortment includes:

  • Vegetarian-Friendly Vitamins & Minerals

  • Plant-Based Beauty Products

  • High Quality Oils, Powders and Liquids

Read more about Vegan Products

What is Veganism?

Veganism is a sustainable lifestyle choice that is founded upon a restriction of all animal products for consumption. This includes foods such as Meat, Fish, Dairy, Eggs, Honey and all other products derived from animals. There are many reasons to choose this lifestyle to support nutritional needs and promote moral values.

Vegetarian vs. Vegan

Veganism is an all-encompassing lifestyle whereas vegetarianism is a form of diet. Vegetarians don’t eat meat but can consume products derived from animals such as eggs and dairy. Some vegetarians will also consume fish and seafood. There are several variances within the vegetarian diet. Veganism does not allow for any forms of animal consumption. At Piping Rock, we like to offer options instead of restrictions, which is why we're continuously adding vegan products to our assortment.

Piping Rock’s Vegan Products

We know that your lifestyle is different. Which is why Piping Rock carries a wide variety of over 250 vegan products to satisfy all your needs. This includes everything from Vitamins & Minerals, Bulk Herbs and Nuts & Seeds to Beauty and Essential Oils. We pride ourselves on our massive depth of assortment and strong attention to detail in each of our products. We gather materials from the finest sources around the globe and laboratory test these ingredients in world-class facilities. What's the result? Guaranteed purity & potency with consistency on all of our labels. Our vegan products are specifically designed to meet all of your lifestyle needs and requirements.