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Thermogenics & CLA can provide much needed support when you need it most. Our professional assortment features a variety of products with supportive bold ingredients. This includes:

Read more about Thermogenics & CLA

Some days you may not be feeling your energized self. You may need additional support to rev you up on days when you’re down. Some people turn to their daily cup of joe but this might not be enough! Others prefer convenient supplements in place of coffee. Thermogenics & CLA may be the alternative you’ve been searching for this whole time…

What are Thermogenics?

Thermogenic supplements combine active ingredients like caffeine, green tea and other plant extracts for a synergistic effect. When used effectively, Thermogenics can help offer maximum support.

What is CLA?

Tonalin, also known as Conjugated Linolenic Acid (CLA), is a type of Omega-6 fatty acid. This beneficial fat is produced from safflower oil and has been used traditionally for centuries. It’s often combined with Thermogenics in supplement blends. Piping Rock has created an advanced selection of CLA & Thermogenics for your routine. How do ours compare?

Piping Rock’s Thermogenics & CLA:

Our ultimate Thermogenics & CLA collection delivers a professional lineup of potent products for support. We carry an incredible Thermogenics Complex plus Diet Stack, ThermoRip and Ultra Energy Booster. These feature ingredients like caffeine, guarana and garcinia that contain naturally occurring thermogenic properties.