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Lanolin is a natural emollient that comes from the wool of sheep. This moisturizing substance has been gaining popularity since the 1960s and Piping Rock's Lanolin cream provides you:

  • A deeply moisturizing experience for your skin

  • Protection from every day factors like wind and sun

  • The appearance of smoother looking skin

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What is Lanolin?

Lanolin is derived from the wool of sheep. It is an amber-colored fatty substance that is taken from the sheep’s wool before it goes for washing and processing. This naturally occurring oil is made up of wax esters, fatty acids and other nutrients. It is a terrific, organically found emollient that helps coat and soften the sheep’s fibers to both protect their skin as well as fleece against the elements. The oil is drawn out of the sheared wool when it’s pressed between rollers.

Lanolin has been used for centuries as a skin protectant and aide. In Ancient Greece it was used an effective moisturizer for the skin. While early on it had a fantastic track record, it wasn’t until the 1960’s when lanolin became more widely used and accepted in the cosmetic industry.  

Lanolin Products

There are many products in the beauty realm that incorporate lanolin into their ingredients list as it is a notable emollient as well as source of nutrients. Here at Piping Rock, we offer the following products:

Pure Lanolin Cream 7 fl oz (207 mL) Jar:

Lanolin Cream is the answer to all your dry skin needs. The powerful emollient is best for use on lips and skin, as it delivers a deep moisturizing and protects against every day factors like wind, and sun. Non-greasy and perfect to apply all over!

Liquid Lanolin 100% Pure 4 fl oz (118 mL) Bottle:

This is the most natural version of lanolin, and acts as a powerful moisturizer for your skin. You can support your skin’s health and protect it from unfavorable environmental factors. Using this pure liquid oil daily, as a full-body moisturizer will ensure great results like smooth, healthy-looking skin.