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Harvested from the Amorphophallus konjac plant, konjac root supplies abundant soluble fiber for digestive health, heart health and weight loss.**

  • Optimizes digestive health & function.**
  • Helps with healthy weight management.**
  • Stabilizes blood lipid & blood sugar levels.**
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What is Konjac Root?

Native to southern China and Vietnam, the Amorphophallus konjac plant blooms once a year, producing a huge, purple-brown flower that emits the powerful smell of rotting carrion, leading to common names such as the devil’s tongue and voodoo lily. The plant’s tuberous roots are far more desirable than the pungent bloom: Growing up to ten pounds in size, the root has long been valued in Chinese, Japanese and Southeast Asian cuisine and folk health practices. When ground, the konjac plant’s root is made into a flour that is rich in soluble fiber. This flour is used to make noodles, crackers and a Japanese jelly known as konyaku.

When the flour is mixed with water, the substance absorbs it and swells up to 17X its original volume. The highly viscous quality of this soluble fiber, also known as glucomannan, is tied to the root’s diversity of health benefits. Research suggests that as the root swells and travels slowly through the digestive tract, it blocks absorption of carbohydrates and cholesterol. Konjac’s bulk-forming effect also delays the rate at which the stomach empties, slowing blood sugar absorption while increasing insulin sensitivity. These biological activities may optimize multiple measures of cardiovascular health by maintaining cholesterol levels and blood sugar levels that are already within normal range.**

Konjac root also has a long history of promoting digestive tract health. Like other forms of soluble fiber, the root helps to create a feeling of “fullness,” improving the sense of satiety. When this fiber is taken before meals and combined with a healthy diet and exercise program, it may help to support weight loss efforts. As the fiber swells to add mass to stools it enables digestive regularity, and can be used to ease constipation and promote comfortable elimination. It has prebiotic properties as well, which help to encourage robust probiotic colonies in the gut. Further investigations indicate that konjac root may also contribute to thyroid stability and balanced blood pressure levels.**

Konjac Root Supplements

Supplements are sourced from the powdered tubers of the Amorphophallus konjac plant. The supplement is available in capsules, tablets or powder form.**

Konjac Root Directions for Use

Seek advice from your health care provider prior before taking supplements. While there is no standard recommended amount of konjac, doses range from 1 to 2 grams per serving.**