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Guarana is a natural source of caffeine. A centuries-old Amazonian tradition, guarana supplement sharpens mental focus and awareness in addition to:**

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What is Guarana?

Guarana (Paullinia cupana) is an evergreen climbing plant native to South America that bears orange berries. Inside the berry is a black seed, which supplies the most active compounds and has been used as an Amazonian folk remedy for generations. Some Brazilian tribes collect the seed, dry it in the sun and then roast it in clay ovens before grinding it into a paste. The guarana seed paste is then smoked, yielding a rich, dark substance that is shaped into bars. These convenient, portable bars may be considered an early “energy bar.”**

With its partially exposed black seed and surrounding white area, the opened guarana berry notably resembles an eye, reinforcing its reputation as an “eye-opening” stimulant. The guarana seed is, in fact, a significant source of caffeine, containing approximately twice the amount of the stimulant as the coffee bean. The seed also supplies additional alkaloids, theophylline and theobromine, which further enhance its stimulant effects. The seed’s natural phytochemical profile also features a range of potent antioxidants.**

Guarana is most commonly used to promote mental awareness, sharp focus, peak energy and healthy weight management. It has become a popular ingredient in many of today’s energy drinks, and has been combined and ground with coffee beans to create a highly stimulating brew. It has also been blended with other herbs and studied for its ability to promote a healthy mood. With its high caffeine content, guarana may be considered a natural ergogenic aid; a compound for peak exercise performance.**

Guarana Supplements

Guarana supplements are often available in capsule or tablet form and generally contain extract of the seed. The extract is sometimes combined with other energizing herbal ingredients, such as yerba mate.**

Guarana Liquid Extract

Now, get the benefits of this traditional herb in liquid extract form! It's the perfect way to add a super concentrated form of Guarana to your herbal regimen.