Witaminy A i D (36)
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Vitamins A & Vitamin D have a plethora of wellness benefits. They work together to support optimal immune function in addition to:**

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What are Vitamin A & Vitamin D?

Two of the most prominent vitamins, A and D are essential to the functioning of the human body. Both alone and together, Vitamin A & Vitamin D support the immune system, while also maintaining health of eyes, bones and skin.** With their antioxidant activity, Vitamin A & Vitamin D assist in fighting harmful, age-accelerating free radicals.**

Since Vitamin A & Vitamin D are nutrients crucial for whole-body wellness, a deficiency in either vitamin can lead to significant health issues. 75% of Americans fail to get enough vitamin D, making vitamin D deficiency a widespread problem. The nutrient also becomes harder to absorb as we get older, further leading to vitamin D deficiency. The body naturally makes vitamin D when the skin gets exposure to the sun, but many people lack an adequate daily amount of time in sunlight.  Vitamin A in its retinol form can be found in dairy and organ meats; in its beta carotene form it can be found in leafy green and brightly colored vegetables.

Together, vitamins A and D may help the body better absorb calcium, and research indicates the pairing may also bolster the immune system.** Vitamin A additionally promotes healthy hair and vision, and has shown great promise in assisting with skin problems, especially sun-induced skin damage.** Vitamin D, meanwhile, is most famous for supporting skeletal health, but also promotes breast and colon health.**

Vitamin A & Vitamin D Products

Vitamin A & Vitamin D are often presented together in supplements because they work effectively as a team. With their reputation for promoting lustrous hair and follicular health, Vitamins A & D may be found in beautifying  and anti-aging supplements. Another advantage of presenting the pair together in supplement form: The combination aids in ensuring that minimum daily requirements of two key nutrients for overall health – which are sometimes less than optimal from diet alone – are met.

Vitamin A & Vitamin D Directions for Use

Talk to your health care professional prior to starting any supplement regimen. The recommended daily amounts for A and D are 700-900 mcg (micrograms) and 600-1,000 IU (international units), respectively.