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Vi-Max is a natural formula designed to support potent manhood. Featuring an array of exotic herbs used in ancient tribal traditions, this blend:

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What is Vi-Max?

When men feel confident about their sexual prowess, they tend to benefit both in the bedroom and in terms of overall contentment. For most males, feeling masculine and sexually invigorated every day is a key part of overall Quality of Life.

While there are a number of conventional health products on the market that target male performance and sexual endurance, many of these offerings are feature strange synthetics. That is why Vi-Max is so unique! Sourced primarily from plants, the ingredients in Vi-Max proprietary blends offer men a natural support for a healthy libido and improved blood flow.**

Vi-Max starts with a solid core of traditional sexual health herbs that includes:

  • Yohimbe: A tall, sturdy evergreen tree originating from West Africa, yohimbe has long been prized for its bark. Its reputation as an aphrodisiac has garnered the herb international recognition. Investigations have focused on its active ingredient, yohimbine, which has been studied for increasing circulatory function, including blood flow, and supporting overall sexual performance.**
  • Muira Puama: The roots and bark of muira puama, a flowering Brazilian plant, have been historically utilized by Amazonian natives as "potency wood," due to its reputation for stimulating ideal erotic activity in men.**
  • Tribulus: An extract sourced from its namesake plant, tribulus is a traditionally used vitality herb that dates back to ancient China and Greece. A popular component of passion-related supplements for men, tribulus may help to support optimal sexual performance.**
  • Tongkat Ali: A centuries-old herbal staple of Southeast Asian folk wellness traditions, tongkat ali, also referred to as Malaysian ginseng, is a sought-after addition to regional tea and coffee due to its libido-promoting status. Studies have shown that tongkat ali helps to modulate stress hormones and improves testosterone levels and may encourage overall sexual performance.**
  • Horny Goat Weed: The blooming Asian plant gets its playful nickname from the Chinese folktale of a farmer who noticed that his goats were particularly aroused after eating the weedy herb. Valued in wellness practices for ages, it is connected to the "yang" of yin and yang, which is associated with traits such as masculinity and heat. Researchers have found that epimedium's libido-related qualities stem from the flavonoid known as icariin. Studies have suggested that the plant's icariin content aids sexual stimulation via the circulatory system by increasing nitric oxide activity.**
  • Korean Ginseng: One of Asia's most widely known wellness herbs, ginseng is harvested for its roots, which are abundant in phytochemicals called ginsenosides. Korean ginseng is a variety appreciated for its status as an energy-boosting tonic and its balancing adaptogenic properties.** Studied for various benefits, this kind of ginseng has been notably linked to optimizing male sexual function by helping to maintain healthy sexual response.**

For men who want to focus on their stamina and rev up their manly mojo, the Vi-Max Performance blend additionally presents:

  • Maca: This exotic root vegetable, which has been a part of South American culture since the time of the Incas, is grown in the heights of the Andes Mountains. In addition to its longtime use as a Peruvian crop, maca has been increasingly called upon for its associations with elevated libido and physical endurance both in and out of the bedroom.** Scientific investigations  also suggested that the plant's compounds may help to support  male fertility.**
  • Avena Sativa: Commonly known as oat straw, this botanical nutrient, which is rich in vitamins and minerals, features the green parts of the plant instead of the typically utilized oat grains. Avena sativa is historically tied to sexual potency and desire, hence the phrase "sowing wild oats," which points to the herb's longtime use as an aphrodisiac.**

For men seeking fuller manhood , the Vi-Max Size Max formula adds the following ingredients to the mix:

  • Ginger: Due to its potent scent and flavor, the root-derived spice ginger has been considered an aphrodisiac for ages. Studies have shown that ginger may relax blood vessels and stimulate circulation throughout the body.**
  • Pumpkin Seed: The oil of pumpkin seeds is packed with nutrients, including zinc and beneficial fatty acids. Historically consumed by Native Americans for their hearty flavor and nutritional profile, the oil is linked to prostate health and optimal cardiovascular wellness, both aspects that affect sexual invigoration.**
  • Stinging Nettles: Sourced from the stinging nettle plant, this botanical extract has been extensively studied for its benefits to prostate health, which is closely connected with male potency.**
  • Damiana: The leaves of the blooming damiana plant have a traditional wellness history that spans from North to South America. The herb is associated with stimulating libido, and this aphrodisiac quality may be tied to increased nitric oxide activity.** Further studies indicate the plant extract may help with recovery from sexual exhaustion.**
  • Taurine: An amino acid valued by athletes for its cardiovascular support, taurine has been researched for its links to elevated testosterone and nitric oxide levels, which may boost male sexual response.**
  • Deer Antler Velvet: Found on the antlers that are regularly regenerated by deer, this unique substance is historically associated with stamina and optimal sexual performance.**
  • Catuaba: The bark of its namesake tree, catuaba is a common component of Brazilian wellness traditions and has been connected with encouraging male arousal.**
  • AAKG: This amino acid has been studied for its effects on physical endurance, a trait that may carry over to the bedroom.**
  • Zinc: An important trace mineral required for overall health, zinc is a versatile nutrient that has been linked to ideal male fertility, as well as overall circulatory vitality.**

Vi-Max Products

Vi-Max proprietary blends are offered as caplets. Active ingredients include various traditionally used botanical extracts. These products are intended only for male use.

Vi-Max Directions for Use

Prior to taking these supplements or beginning any nutrient regimen, talk to your health care professional. There is no set recommended amount. Caplets generally supply around 1,500 mg.