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Natural urinary tract health supplements nutritionally support the bladder, lower urinary tract and prostate to optimize many measures of urinary function.** Their wellness benefits include:

  • Assisting with urinary tract infections.**

  • Promoting healthy bladder control.**

  • Supporting urinary flow and comfort.**

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What is a Urinary Tract?

Urinary tract issues, such as bladder dysfunction, incontinence and overactive bladder affect a large number of women and men. Studies suggest that an estimated 60 percent of women will experience a urinary tract infection (UTI) at least once in their life, making this common infection the most prevalent urinary concern. Men can also experience UTIs, but the infections are about 50 times more likely to occur in women due to their shorter urethras, which allow bacteria to travel more easily into the bladder. It is here that the bacteria colonize – causing inflammation and symptoms such as a frequent need to urinate, incontinence and pain during urination.**

For men, urinary tract issues are more typically related to prostate health problems. Age-related prostate lining expansion, for example, places pressure on a man’s urethra, leading to discomfort, sensations of incomplete bladder emptying, dribbling, weak urine flow, or nighttime urinary urgency and related sleep complications.**

Urinary tract supplements help to promote urinary wellness in both women and men. Supplements that supply antimicrobial compounds, such as cranberry, can help decolonize the bladder, assisting with the UTIs that commonly affect women. Supplements for men’s urinary health can help to optimize comfort and function by promoting prostate wellness.** Some of the most popular urinary tract health supplements include:

  • Saw Palmetto: Native Americans have long prized the berries of the saw palmetto, a shrub-like plant, for their health and culinary uses, including maintaining urinary tract and prostate health. Studies suggest saw palmetto may influence certain enzymes that affect the prostate, thereby enhancing urine flow, promoting urinary comfort, and supporting overall prostate health.**
  • D-Mannose: D-mannose, a form of sugar, is found in foods such as apples, tomatoes, peaches and cabbage. The body also naturally produces it when glucose is consumed. Studies show that D-mannose reduces the occurrence of urinary tract infections by blocking bacteria from sticking to cells inside the bladder.**
  • Cranberry: For centuries, Native Americans have used these small, tart berries to help with urinary tract infections. Studies indicate that the fruits contain high concentrations of tannins known as proanthocyanins. These compounds keep micro-organisms that lead to UTIs from adhering to tissues in the urinary tract, thus reducing the chance of infection.**
  • Flower Pollen Extract: For many years, flower pollen extract (FPE) from the blossoms of corn plants and rye and timothy grass has been used to optimize prostate health in Asia and Europe. Studies suggest FPE has inflammation-modulating and antioxidant activity that appears to promote prostate health and multiple measures of urinary wellness, including nocturia, in which the urge to urinate causes sleep-disruptive awakenings.**
  • Pumpkin Seed Extract: Pumpkin seed extract is a popular urinary health folk remedy in Europe and North America. Research indicates that the seed’s oil supports the prostate and encourages healthy urinary flow. The oil is perhaps most famous for helping to regulate overactive bladder while supporting healthy bladder control. These benefits have been linked to pumpkin seed oil’s antibacterial and inflammation-modulating properties.**

Urinary Tract Health Products

Urinary tract health supplements are frequently available in tablet, capsule, powder or liquid form. They may be offered in combination with other bladder-health-promoting compounds, such as bromelain, vitamin C, probiotics, bilberry, soy germ and cayenne.**

Urinary Tract Products Directions for Use

Urinary tract supplements supply variable amounts active components, so there is no set dosage. Always consult your medical provider before starting supplementation.**