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Tonka bean oil is derived from tonka beans which are sourced from the kumaru tree in South America. These beans contain a compound called Coumarin, which is responsible for the oil's delectable fragrance. PipingRock's Tonka Bean Fragrance Oil:

  • Is available in our 15 mL bottle

  • Carries a rich, sweet, warm fragrance, with notes of vanilla and amber

  • Is perfect for making perfume, candles, soaps, body products and potpourri!

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What is Tonka Bean?

Tonka Beans are sourced from the kumaru tree which is native to South America. The trees can grow to be 120 feet, at their tallest. They belong to the legume plant family, and the beans are the black seeds produced by the tree. These seeds have a smooth interior and contain a compound called Coumarin, which is responsible for the delectable fragrance.

In Holland the fatty substance of the bean is sold and used in homes to line cupboards to steer away moths from linen home goods. In ancient folklore, there was a belief the tonka beans have mystical powers and if you hold the seeds tight in your hand, make a wish, then plant the seeds, your wish will come true as the new tree grows! 

Tonka Bean Fragrance Oil

Mystical, magical, a natural marvel. These are only a few words to describe the aroma associated with the tonka beans. Used as a substitute for vanilla in some perfumes, this aphrodisiac scent will have you in awe. Sweep yourself away into an imaginative land made of vanilla ice cream, with clouds that pour down fragrant rain filled with amber and vanilla, captivating you with its rich, sweet warmth. Bring these sensations to life by placing tonka bean fragrance oil in your diffuser at home or in any of your DIY projects.

Directions for Use 

Piping Rock’s top-quality fragrance oils mimic the natural scent of plants, flowers, and other favorite aromas. Use Tonka Bean fragrance oil in any DIY project that could use a burst of luscious vanilla, such as in making perfume, candles, soaps, body products, potpourri, and more! Fragrance oils can also be used in diffusers as you would with essential oils.