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Relora® is a proprietary blend of standardized extracts from magnolia and phellodendron bark. These botanical adaptogens are prized in Chinese health traditions due to their:

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What is Relora®?

Relora® is a branded herbal blend that combines the bark of magnolia (Magnolia officinalis) and phellodendron (Phellodendron amurense) trees. Both plant extracts are considered as stress-balancing adaptogens, and have been used in Chinese wellness practices for centuries. These nutrients contain beneficial polyphenols, most notably honokiol, a lignin in magnolia bark that is associated with cognitive and metabolic health applications.**

Relora’s® key mechanisms of action target the adrenal glands. By supporting and optimizing the adrenals, the blend is believed to have far-reaching benefits on hormonal wellness, with an emphasis on stress hormones. Research shows that the blend assists the mind and body in adapting to difficult situations by reducing cortisol, a hormone that is tied to stress and restlessness. This modulating effect may promote elevated vigor and a brighter, calmer mood.**

Studies have also indicated that these botanical nutrients, which feature potent antioxidant activity, may aid in weight management by regulating inflammatory responses and the metabolism of lipids (fats). Combined with its modulation of cortisol, these properties may be helpful in regulating stress-related overeating. One study suggested that the supplement might also help athletes strengthen resistance to the stress associated with high-intensity training.**

Relora® Supplements

Relora® supplements are sourced from magnolia and phellodendron tree bark. The products are available as capsules and tablets. The botanical blend may also be found in supplement formulas that target mood-related eating.**

Relora® Directions for Use

Seek input from your physician before routinely taking this nutrient or any supplement. There is no standard serving size. Capsules are usually offered in the range of 250 mg.**