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Red mineral algae is derived from North Atlantic seaweed. It supplies a rare natural source of vegetarian calcium and magnesium, along with 70+ trace minerals. Its wellness benefits include:

  • Supporting bone health & skeletal strength**

  • Promoting optimal joint function and comfort**

  • Being a bioavailable multimineral in vegetarian form**

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What is Red Mineral Algae?

A species of seaweed called Lithothamnion, red mineral algae is found in only a few locations around the globe, primarily the cold coastal waters off of Iceland and Ireland. As the algae develops, it absorbs numerous minerals from the ocean, making it dense with nutrients. Later harvested as mature seaweed, the extract is presented under the proprietary name Aquamin®. The extract is rich in calcium and magnesium, and features more than 70 other trace minerals, including iron and zinc. The supplement is particularly important since it offers calcium and minerals in a vegetarian form that is believed to be highly absorbable and easy to assimilate.**

Red mineral algae has been most extensively studied for its associations with healthy bones. Investigations have indicated that the nutrient encourages increased mineralization in osteoblasts, the cells that help to form and maintain thriving bone density. Research has shown that the supplement's skeletal wellness qualities are notably effective when paired with vitamin D-3, which aids the body in absorbing minerals such as calcium and magnesium.**

The nutrient has also been linked to joint health, with studies finding that red marine algae promotes joint mobility and comfort. These attributes are tied to its ability to modulate inflammation, a property that additionally assists digestive wellness, particularly the colon, and may help to foster a healthy immune system.**

Red Mineral Algae Supplements

Red mineral algae supplements are extracted from aged Lithothamnion seaweed in the North Atlantic Ocean. The nutrient is available in capsule form, often as the branded product Aquamin. Red marine algae supplements commonly include vitamin D-3 for optimized bone support.**

Red Mineral Algae Directions for Use

Before beginning any routine supplementation, seek advice from your health care provider. The recommended dietary allowances (RDAs) of calcium and magnesium differ based on age and gender. For adults ages 19 to 50, the calcium RDA is 1,000 mg (1 g). This holds true for men ages 51 to 70, but 1,200 mg is the advised amount for women in that age range, as well as all adults over age 70.

Males age 19 to 30 should receive 400 mg of magnesium per day, while females require only 310 mg. For men 31 and older, 420 mg is the RDA; women in this category should get 320 mg daily. Red algae supplements typically contain around 270 mg of calcium and 20 mg of magnesium per capsule.**