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Pressed from fresh peach kernels, peach oil offers luxurious emollient properties and is gentle enough for all skin types. Piping Rock’s pure Peach Kernel Oil:

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What are Peaches?

Fuzzy, juicy, and sweet, peaches (Prunus persica) are a favorite fruit worldwide, and have been for centuries. They grow on medium sized (33 ft.) trees of the same name, which are native to northwestern China. Peach trees are unique in that their gorgeous pink flowers appear early spring before the leaves emerge, which is why these fruits often symbolize longevity.

These velvety fruits have been cultivated in China since 2000 B.C., and were a favorite fruit for kings and emperors as early as the 10th century B.C. The fruit and trees have even impacted cultural Chinese folk lore and spirituality; it was believed that rods made from peach wood could ward off evil, and the ancient deity known as the Old Man of the South Pole was often depicted with peaches as a symbol of long life and health.

Peach Kernel Oil

Pressed from the kernels the juicy flesh surrounds, peach kernel oil can be found in many skin care products thanks to its legendary skin-supportive properties. It is particularly helpful for mature and sensitive skin, as it is gentle and fast-absorbing, leaving behind no greasy residue.

Piping Rock’s pure Peach Kernel Oil is your next beauty secret! Use for its ideal moisturizing and rejuvenating benefits for the skin and hair, helping to soften fine lines and wrinkles while promoting a healthy glow and complexion. Thanks to its light scent, this oil makes a wonderful carrier oil for essential oils and aromatherapy applications.

Directions for Use

As a body moisturizer, apply a few drops of pure Peach Kernel Oil to the desired area and gently massage. For dry hair, place a couple drops into palm of your hand and work into hair strands. Try adding your favorite essential oils to customize your oil!