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Parsley is one of the most popular herbs used in cuisines worldwide, found in gardens and recipes big and small. It also holds many benefits and as a supplement:

  • Contains naturally-occurring chlorophyll, and flavonoids

  • A staple herb in a variety of cuisines

  • Often paired with other herbal ingredients such as garlic

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What is Parsley?

A member of the carrot family, parsley (Petroselinum crispum) is perhaps one of the most well-known herbs worldwide, gracing recipes, gardens, and kitchen tables alike. This biennial herb reaches a height of 39 inches, with several erect stems growing from a single root. Parsley boasts characteristic bright green leaves and a spicy, herbal scent along with its balancing, brightening flavor. It is native to the Mediterranean area, where it is a staple in cuisines both as a key ingredient and as a finishing garnish.

For a small herb, parsley packs a nutritious punch! It supplies naturally-occurring levels of chlorophyll and antioxidants (notably luteolin), as well as flavonoids, ascorbic acid, and vitamins A and K. The ancient Romans, who called the herb “rock parsley” due to the herb’s tendency to grow along limestone rocks and walls, would chew the herb to freshen the breath. In traditional wellness practices, parsley has been commonly used to help support urinary wellness.**

Parsley Supplements

Parsley supplements are typically available on its own or in formulations with other herbal classics such as garlic. Piping Rock’s Parsley Leaf supplements deliver 900 mg of top-quality parsley leaf in each serving. Adults take two (2) quick release capsules up to three times daily with meals for optimal nutritional support.

Directions for Use

Always consult with your trusted healthcare provider prior to adding any dietary supplement to your daily regimen. There is no set daily recommended allowance for parsley supplements, though doses typically range from 450 mg to 2,700 mg taken daily with meals. If you are pregnant, nursing or taking any medications, consult your doctor before use. If any adverse reactions occur, immediately stop using this product and consult your doctor.