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Pantothenic Acid (Vitamin B-5) is crucial for maintaining healthy metabolism. It optimizes production of red blood cells and may support joint health and comfort.** Additionally, Pantothenic Acid (Vitamin B-5) may:

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What is Pantothenic Acid (Vitamin B-5)?

Often referred to as an “anti-stress vitamin,” vitamin B-5 is one of several water soluble essential micronutrients grouped together under the B vitamin umbrella. B-5 was discovered in 1938. It was given the name pantothenic acid as a reference to the Greek word “pantothen,” which means “occurring everywhere.” This is a nod to the vitamin’s widespread presence throughout nature.**

Vitamin B-5’s key biological role is in the synthesis of coenzyme A, a compound involved in metabolic function, neurotransmitter production, melatonin synthesis, red blood cell production and other important activities in the body.**

Pantothenic acid is necessary for maintaining good metabolic function, helping the body to liberate life-sustaining energy from carbohydrates, proteins and fats. Pantothenic acid is also a key component in the synthesis of cholesterol. In fact, researchers are investigating how pantethine, a derivative substance of pantothenic acid, might help to maintain cholesterol levels that are already within normal range. For this reason, vitamin B-5 is believed to be a key contributor to overall cardiovascular wellness.**

Maintaining healthy levels of pantothenic acid is important, as deficiencies have been linked to sleep issues, energy problems, mood issues and joint discomfort. Pantothenic acid may play a role in supporting joint health and comfort. Some research has suggested that taking a vitamin B-5 supplement (in conjunction with vitamin C) may promote wound healing and shorten recovery time, especially after surgical procedures. vitamin B-5 has also been studied for potential wellness benefits related to acne and athletic performance.**

Pantothenic Acid/Vitamin B-5 Supplements

Vitamin B-5 is a water-soluble B-vitamin, which means it breaks down and is flushed from the body relatively quickly, requiring consistent replenishment. While it is present in a wide range of foods, vitamin B-5 tends to deteriorate in heavily processed foods. Pantothenic acid supplements may help with these nutritional challenges. Pantothenic acid may be presented in standalone supplements or as part of B-complex formulations. These vitamin B-5 supplements are typically available in tablet, capsule and liquid form.**

Pantothenic Acid/Vitamin B-5 Directions for Use

Always take time to speak with your doctor before beginning any type of nutritional supplementation, including supplementation with vitamin B5. Pantothenic acid dosage levels vary, but a typical B-vitamin supplement--either a standalone B5 supplement or a B-complex supplement --usually supplies 100 mg to 500 mg of pantothenic acid.**