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Maca is sourced from the root of a mountain-grown Peruvian plant. South American natives have used the herb for millennia to promote sexual health and energy.**

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What is Maca?

A plant in the crucifer (Brassicaceae) family, maca (Lepidium meyenii) is cultivated in the high altitudes of Peru's Andes Mountains. Maca extract is derived from its rutabaga-like root, which has been incorporated into the traditions of indigenous South Americans dating back to the Incan Empire. In addition to its role as a cultivated crop and dietary staple, many other cultures of the region have long valued maca benefits for reproductive health, ideal libido and physical energy. In recent years, the herb has become one of Peru's top exports due to its reputation for supporting robust sexual performance and optimal fertility.**

Scientific assessments have shown that maca root is abundant in protein and amino acids and notably high in calcium and iron. The root also supplies plant sterols and natural phytoestrogen compounds. Classified as an adaptogen that helps the body adjust to stress, maca has been associated with ideal sexual desire, sexual endurance and healthy sperm count in men. Its phytoestrogen compounds may also help to balance hormonal wellness, further supporting reproductive function. Research suggests that, due to its links with male performance and female hormonal equilibrium, maca benefits diverse aspects of sexual health in both men and women.**

Further studies show that maca root, true to adaptogen form, may encourage optimal physical endurance outside of the bedroom. Some research suggests maca benefits may apply to additional areas of wellness, including mood, bone and joint health.**

Maca Products

Maca products are derived from the root of maca plant. This herb is available in many forms including capsules, tablets and liquids. Maca root extract is also combined with other sexual health herbs, such as horny goat weed and/or yohimbe, in male performance formulas.

Maca Directions for Use

Talk to a health care professional prior about maca benefits before beginning any supplement regimen. A standard maca dosage has not yet been established. Capsules and tablets are generally presented between 400 and 600 mg, sometimes in a concentrated 4:1 ratio.**