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Lutein & Bilberry supply complementary botanical nutrients for overall eye health and clear vision in daytime and at night.**

  • Promote macular health**

  • Encourage sharp vision**

  • Help to reduce glare**

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What are Lutein & Bilberry?

Lutein & bilberry are among the most prominent and extensively studied natural supplements for healthy eyesight. Found in marigold blooms and leafy greens such as spinach, lutein is a carotenoid present in the focus-oriented macula of the eye's retina. A fruit closely related to the blueberry, bilberry is valued particularly for its ability to support optimal night vision. Both lutein & bilberry are rich in antioxidants that help to fight harmful oxidative stress in the eye’s lens and retina. These plant nutrients are especially renowned for protecting the sensitive tissue of the macula, helping to filter out damaging light rays while neutralizing oxidative stress.**

Studies have shown that lutein supports healthy vision in a number of ways. Investigations have centered on the carotenoid’s connections to eye wellness during aging, with research indicating that levels of the compound, which are gauged by macular pigment optical density (MPOD), decline over time. Since the nutrient replenishes this crucial macular pigment, it is believed to effectively promote the macular health that is associated with lasting vision wellness, especially in the aging population. The compound features eye-energizing attributes, which may aid with visual fatigue, as well as support for glare recovery and visual acuity. It is one of the only two antioxidants found in the eye’s lens, where it counters free radicals to maintain lens clarity.**

Research suggests that bilberry's anthocyanins also help to maintain ideal eyesight. The berry is particularly sought after for its ability to promote optimal night vision, a quality that made it popular with World War II flying aces. Research in recent years has confirmed this benefit, noting that the fruit assists with dark adaptation and can aid in minimizing overall eyestrain.**

Together these two nutrients provide complementary eye support, with the carotenoid acting as "internal sunglasses" during the day, and the berry extract encouraging healthy vision at night. Both compounds work around the clock, however, to support lasting eye health.**

Lutein & Bilberry Supplements

Lutein and bilberry supplements are derived from marigold flowers and the berry plant's fruit, respectively. Often available as softgels, capsules or tablets, these supplements frequently feature another key carotenoid, zeaxanthin, along with other vision-supporting nutrients.**

Lutein & Bilberry Directions for Use

Talk to your health care provider before beginning any nutritional supplement regimen. Although no set dosage has been established, supplements are often in the range of 25 mg.**