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If you’re looking for a clean floral fragrance, look no further than Lilac Mist! This fragrance oil boasts notes of jasmine and honey pollen that make it a unique and special floral scent, and for DIY projects Lilac oil is great in:

  • Blending with other floral fragrances

  • Spring-inspired projects

  • Making homemade candles, potpourri, body products, & more!

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What are Lilacs?

Sporting distinct star-like purple blooms in fragrant gardens and rocky hills around the world, lilacs (Syringa vulgaris) are perennial plants native to southeastern Europe and Asia. Their name (Syringa) is derived from the Greek word “syrinks,” meaning “pipe,” thanks to their slender hollow wood, as well as in their role in Greek mythology!

An ancient Greek myth tells of Pan, the famous pipe-touting god of forests and fields, and his love for a nymph of great beauty named Syringa. She denied Pan’s advances, running from him and, with the help of Artemis, was turned into lilacs. A distraught pan picked the hollow wood of these flowering plants and created the first pan pipe, with which he would be forever depicted.

Lilac Mist Fragrance Oil

Lilac mist fragrance oil is a delightfully clean floral scent, emitting notes of jasmine and honey pollen that make this a floral must-have in any DIY lover’s fragrance collection. It blends wonderfully with other florals to create a unique bouquet of scents, and positively blooms in soaps, candles, and bath & body products.

Directions for Use

Piping Rock’s top-quality fragrance oils mimic the natural scent of plants, flowers, and other favorite aromas. Use lilac mist fragrance oil in any DIY project that could use a floral burst of fragrance, such as in making perfume, candles, soaps, body products, potpourri, and more! Fragrance oils can also be used in diffusers as you would with essential oils.