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Juniper has been used in culinary practices dating back to ancient Rome, and its use in wellness practices dates back to ancient times. Juniper supplements are:

  • Traditionally used to help maintain healthy fluid balance**

  • Used in wellness practices dating back to early Greek and Arabian physicians

  • Herbal supplements

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What is Juniper?

Juniper, part of the Cypress family, is a shrub native to areas of cooler climates in the northern hemisphere, often found growing wild throughout North America, Asia, and Europe. The shrub grows horizontally across the ground, sprouting small dark purple berries. Their name comes from the Latin word “junio” meaning young, most likely relating to this evergreen shrub’s ability to live for up to two hundred years!

Juniper has been used in culinary practices dating back to ancient Rome, where it was used as a substitute for Indian pepper. It is popular as one of the main aromatic ingredients in gin. Its use in wellness practices dates back to Greek and Arabian physicians and has been used by Native Americans in their traditional wellness practices as well.

Juniper Berry Supplements

Juniper Berry has a long rich history in traditional wellness practices. As an herbal supplement, juniper has been used to help maintain a healthy fluid balance.** Juniper is also prized for its aromatic qualities and is well-loved in meditative and aromatherapeutic practices. 

Directions for Use

Always consult with your trusted healthcare provider prior to adding any supplement to your regimen. There is no set recommended daily allowance for juniper berry. Refer to individual label directions for more information.