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These herbs are grown in regions of the United States, Europe and Australia. They are sourced from plants that grow on bines and can grow up to 22 feet in height! Piping Rock's Hops selection features...

  • 350 mg Quick-Release Capsules

  • Hops Strobile Liquid Extract

  • 90-Day Supply with Capsules!

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What are Hops?

Produced by the hop plant (Humulus lupulus), hops are the fruit-like cone-flowers of the climbing perennial. Hops are primarily cultivated in Europe, America and Asia as a key ingredient that both preserves beer and imparts its signature flavor notes. Bearing a tangy and bitter taste, they have been incorporated into wellness traditions for thousands of years, with ancient civilizations from China to Greece calling upon the herb in a variety of folk wellness practices.**

Hops Supplements

Hops supplements are derived from the plant's flowers, which are called strobiles or cones. The herb is usually available as capsules or tablets and occasionally a liquid. Hops are frequently used in botanical sleep blends that may also include valerian root and other plant-based extracts, including passion flower and chamomile.**

Hops Directions for Use

Contact your doctor before using hops as a supplement or beginning any regular herbal supplementation. Capsules are typically in the range of 300 mg.**