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Hawthorn Berry promotes heart efficiency and overall cardiovascular health. Also known to promote a positive mood, Hawthorn Berry supplements can:**

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What is Hawthorn Berry?

A flowering shrub, hawthorn is in the Rosaceae family of roses, apples and plums. The hawthorn shrub produces small berries, which, along with the plant’s flowers and leaves, are used in nutritional supplements. The reddish hawthorn berry is consumed in various cultures throughout the globe, particularly in China, where the plant has long been used in wellness traditions. The plant’s berries have also been utilized for centuries in North American and European health practices.**

Hawthorn berry has been used in folk wellness traditions to help with digestive and kidney issues but is most famously known for its support of cardiovascular health. In recent years, science has zeroed in on the herb’s heart-healthy attributes, identifying multiple biological actions that appear to support cardiovascular wellness. In addition to promoting good circulation, hawthorn berry has been shown to uphold optimal levels of both blood pressure and cholesterol. The berry is also believed to help enhance cardiac efficiency, reinforcing its reputation as a cardiovascular tonic.**

Much of the plant's heart health benefits stem from its high content of natural botanical compounds such as flavonoids and tannins, including quercetin, vitexin and procyanidin. These hawthorn berry nutrients exhibit considerable antioxidant and inflammation-modulating effects, which help neutralize age-accelerating free radicals while cooling the inflammation that can diminish healthy function across multiple body systems. Research has also indicated that hawthorn berry supplies nutrients that may positively affect the nervous system. Some early research has suggested the herb may help to maintain a relaxed and bright mood.**

Hawthorn Berry Products

Supplement products are derived from hawthorn berries, sometimes called haws. Some supplements may supply extract of the plant's flowers and leaves, only. Some other supplements may combine the berry with extract of the flowers of leaves, yielding a “full-spectrum” formulation. Commonly offered as capsules or tablets, the berry is also available as a liquid. Some supplements are standardized to provide a minimum level of vitexin, a flavonoid that is considered one of the herb’s most active ingredients.**

Hawthorn Berry Liquid Extract

Now enjoy the benefits of Hawthorn Extract (Crataegus monogyna) in a concentrated liquid extract. Piping Rock's premium formula is alcohol and sugar free and easy to add to water daily.