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Guggul is a longstanding part of Ayurvedic wellness traditions, used throughout India for thousands of years. This resin extract:

  • Contains beneficial compounds known as guggulsterones

  • May help support healthy cholesterol levels already within normal range**

  • Delivers naturally-occurring antioxidant activity**

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What is Guggul?

Guggul is an oleo gum resin from the Commiphora mukul tree, sometimes called false myrrh. A small tree, it reaches a height of 13 feet, and has a thick trunk and knotted, thorny branches. It sports red-pink flowers and is most known for its red-brown oleoresin, which seeps through fissures in the bark when tapped or wounded. The resin, once air-dried, is collected as “tears” and used extensively throughout its native arid habitats of India, northern Africa, and the Middle East.

In Ayurveda, guggul is known as “Sushrita Samhita” due to its ancient use in this traditional wellness system. Guggul has been used in Ayurvedic practices for over 3,000 years for a number of applications, but most notably in supporting healthy cholesterol levels already within normal range.** Guggul gum naturally contains sterols, esters, and fatty alcohols; however, it is most well-known for its supply of guggulsterones, which are steroid compounds that have naturally-occurring antioxidant activity.**

Guggul Supplements

Piping Rock’s Guggul supplements deliver 750 mg of guggul extract per serving, standardized to contain 2.5% guggulsterones. Adults take one (1) quick release capsule up to four times daily with meals for optimal nutritional support.

Directions for Use

Always consult with your trusted healthcare professional prior to adding any dietary supplement to your daily regimen. There is no set daily recommended allowance for guggul supplements, however, doses typically range from 1,200 to 1,500 mg taken daily. If you are pregnant, nursing or taking any medications, or if you have a liver, stomach or bowel disorder, consult your doctor before use. If any adverse reactions occur, immediately stop using this product and consult your doctor.