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Graviola is a natural extract derived from the leaves of the Annona muricata tree. In certain tropical regions, the plant is used in traditional wellness practices for its benefits that include:

  • Supporting cellular health**

  • Featuring antioxidant activity**

  • Optimizing healthy mood**

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What is Graviola?

Widely known as soursop and guanabana, graviola is a flowering, fruit-producing tree native to Central America and islands of the Caribbean. The large fruit has a prickly green exterior and a white pulpy interior that is slightly sweet and sour. While its juice is regularly sold in many tropical countries for refreshment, its leaves are valued for their health-supporting properties, particularly in the West Indies and among various indigenous tribes of the Amazon rainforest.**

Research has shown that botanical nutrients in graviola, including compounds called acetogenins, appear to encourage healthy cellular function, in part through antioxidant activity and inflammation-modulating properties. It may also influence serotonin receptors, a biological activity which may account for the herb’s long history of folk wellness applications for supporting a tranquil state of mind. Modern research continues to investigate soursop’s ability to support a calm and positive mood. The compound’s antimicrobial, antioxidant and inflammation-modulating attributes may hold potential in other wellness applications, as well.**

Graviola Supplements

Graviola supplements are sourced from the leaves of the Annona muricata tree. Capsules are the most commonly available forms of the nutrient, though it may be offered in liquid extract form as well. The juice (nectar) of the fruit is also sold as a tropical beverage, with its popularity increasing in North America.**

Graviola Directions for Use

Prior to starting any routine supplementation, consult with your health care provider. It is critically important to take this supplement in recommended serving sizes; excessive use has been linked to serious adverse effects. Capsules are generally between 500 mg and 700 mg.**