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Boasting a sweet, green and floral scent, gardenias are a decorative evergreen shrubs that have become popular additions to gardens and a must-have ingredient in perfumery! Gardenia fragrance oil can be used to:

  • Add a delicate, floral and sweet aroma to any fragrance blend

  • Make spring-time craft projects

  • Creating candles, potpourri, body products, & more!

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What is Gardenia?

Bearing fragrant white and pale yellow flowers that bloom in mid-spring and summer, gardenias are decorative evergreen shrubs native to the warm tropical and subtropical climates of Africa, southern Asia and Australia. Gardenia is a member of the Rubiaceae (coffee) family and were named after famous Scottish botanist Dr. Alexander Garden.

Gardenias are well loved as a symbol of love, harmony and grace due to their romantic appearance and uplifting aroma. Frequently found in gardens and stunning floral arrangements, gardenias are well loved for filling the air with their aromatic nature. In France, they are used as boutonnieres during extravagant events. It is frequently used as a must-have ingredient in perfumes and cosmetic products.

Gardenia Fragrance Oil

With its inviting floral and delicate scent, gardenia fragrance oil is an excellent choice for a variety of homemade projects. Its aroma is reminiscent of the sweet and green scent of fresh blooms of the gardenia plant, adding a touch of floral elegance to every new crafting project you take on.  

Directions for Use

Piping Rock’s top-quality fragrance oils mimic the natural scent of plants, flowers, and other favorite aromas. Use gardenia fragrance oil in any DIY project that could use a fresh burst of fragrance, such as in making perfume, candles, soaps, body products, potpourri, and more! Fragrance oils can also be used in diffusers as you would with essential oils.