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Piping Rock's Children's Gummies are a delicious way to ensure that your child gets the nutrients he/she needs.

  • Yummy flavor and fun bear shapes
  • For infants and kids
  • Provides vital nutrients**


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What are Children's Gummies?

It’s important that as children grow and meet peak developmental milestones, they are in good health. As a parent, this can have you cooking all sorts of healthy foods, making sure everything on the food pyramid is in proportion and checked off. Another area that seems to be a struggle is getting your little ones to eat vitamins, since for many, there is a “yuck” factor involved. To help counteract a temper tantrum, we’ve made gummies that are so yummy your child will be thrilled to eat them. (Warning: They may ask for more). 

Children's Gummies Products

Our Children’s Multi-Gummies provide the vital nutrients that your son/daughter needs. Made for infants and kids, the yummy flavor and cute bear shapes are sure to be a hit.

Children's Gummies Products Direction of Use

Consult your physician before starting any supplement routine. Read each label carefully for directions of use.