Witaminy do żucia (41)
Produkt #1131
45,46 zł
Produkt #5530
22,33 zł
Produkt #5534
30,30 zł (25% obniżki)
Produkt #14372
26,50 zł (25% obniżki)
Produkt #14373
48,34 zł (25% obniżki)
Produkt #14741
42,81 zł
Produkt #14731
26,50 zł (25% obniżki)
Produkt #4384
36,36 zł (25% obniżki)
Produkt #14732
48,11 zł (25% obniżki)
Produkt #15491
24,61 zł (25% obniżki)
Produkt #4381
20,06 zł (25% obniżki)
Produkt #4145
37,88 zł (25% obniżki)
Produkt #14742
58,73 zł (25% obniżki)
Produkt #1133
62,14 zł (25% obniżki)
Produkt #14721
27,64 zł
Produkt #14722
37,88 zł (25% obniżki)
Produkt #22190
24,61 zł (25% obniżki)
Produkt #22480
30,30 zł (25% obniżki)
Produkt #4146
68,96 zł (25% obniżki)
Produkt #15541
27,64 zł (25% obniżki)
  • Yummy taste

  • Easy-to-eat

  • Provides needed nutrients to your body!

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What are Chewable Vitamins?

Tired of having to spend time swallowing pills? You may love the convenience of our chewable vitamins. These easy-to-eat vitamins deliver all the benefits of traditional vitamins without the hassle. While these versions are usually associated with children’s supplements, in recent times, more adult gummies and chewable tablets have become commonplace.

There are a variety of reasons why chewable versions are gaining steam. Aside from not requiring water or slight discomfort for those who struggle to take pills, chewables are easier on the stomach. Crunching on the vitamins not only allow them to be broken down by your saliva earlier on, but lets you take them without a meal—making absorption easier on your tummy.

At Piping Rock we offer these yummy versions for all ages, kids to adults! Some of our products are:

Adult Multi Gummies 120 Gummies: Sometimes, you want a little flavor in life. Get the benefits of a multivitamin without the blah taste. A mix of orange, mango and pineapple sensations, you’ll get the nutritional support you need daily.**

Chewable Probiotic for Kids Berry Flavor 30 Chewable Tablets: Give your kids a healthy dose of “friendly flora” with our probiotic gummies! These supplements deliver a special formula of 10 probiotic strains to help support your little guy or girl’s digestion.**

Teen Multi Gummies 120 Gummies: These bear-shaped vitamins come in natural pineapple, mango and orange flavors, delectably delivering a special formula that meets teens unique nutritional needs.**

Ultra Papaya Enzyme Supreme 180 Chewable Tablets: A natural digestion helper, these Papaya tablets are not only easy-to-consume but beneficial for your health.** The papaya is a source for papain which is a notable digestive enzyme and we’ve added in others to help boost digestive support like from bromelain, and protease!**

Chewable Vitamins Direction of Use

Consult your physician before starting any supplement routine. Review each supplement’s label for best use directions as they vary for each product.