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Cherries have long been prized for their rich nutritional benefits as well as their signature taste.** Cherry supplement products work to:

  • Support healthy arteries and circulation**

  • Soothe inflammation in achy joints**

  • Strengthen natural antioxidant defenses**

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What is Cherry?

Grown and enjoyed all over the world in jams, pies, or simply raw, cherries have been considered a welcome addition to a healthy diet for centuries due to their high nutritional value. Prunus avium, better known as the sweet cherry, is the most popular variety. Sweet cherries are believed to have originated in Turkey, which is still the world’s number one exporter of the fruit (the United States is a close second). While the sweet variety is most prized in culinary applications, it is the lesser-known tart and black varieties that are most strongly associated with wellness benefits.**

Tart cherries (Prunus cerasus), are believed to have been created when both the sweet cherry and the sour dwarf cherry crossed naturally in Eastern Europe, which is where the bulk of the world’s tart cherry production is still based. Tart cherries are a great source of potassium, vitamins A, C and K, protein, calcium, and other vital vitamins and minerals, but are most noted for supplying powerful antioxidants called anthocyanins. Studies also report that tart cherries supply quercetin, a potent antioxidant associated with respiratory and arterial health.**

Black cherries (Prunus serotina), are native to North America, primarily the United States, though they’re most frequently enjoyed in Mexico. While they contain the same antioxidant punch as tart cherries, they also supply heart-healthy and joint-supportive properties. Research has shown that black cherries’ phenolic content appears to promote normal inflammatory responses, and may account for the fruit’s strong association with joint comfort, flexibility and mobility.**

Cherries, no matter the variety, have been lauded for their ability to cleanse the body of uric acid and other toxins, and are often mixed into cranberry juices to enhance flavor and support kidney wellness. All varieties also supply melatonin, a nutritional compound that regulates circadian rhythms and helps to promote a restful night’s sleep.**

Cherry Products

Cherry supplement products are often sourced from 4:1 extracts of the fruit and are typically presented in capsule form. Liquid concentrate supplements are also widely available, which may be taken straight or added to foods, beverages and smoothies.**

Cherry Products Directions for Use

Consult your health care provider prior to starting any supplement regimen. There is no recommended amount; capsule doses range from 500 mg to 1200 mg, while a standard liquid concentrate serving size is usually about two tablespoons.**