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Cat's Claw is a staple of South American wellness practices. It promotes optimal immune function while supplying potent antioxidant activity.** In addition, Cat's Claw supplements:

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What is Cat’s Claw?

Called “uña de gato” in its native South America, cat's claw is a vine found primarily in the mountainous areas of the Amazon rainforest. Climbing to considerable heights, the plant gets its name from the claw-like thorns that aid its tall upward growth. Indigenous tribes of South America, particularly Peru, have called upon cats claw for a wide range of uses in their traditional health practices for centuries. Although the root and bark of the plant have historically been the sources of its extract, the inner bark is generally the major part utilized in supplements.**

Scientific investigations have shown that cat's claw contains a variety of beneficial natural compounds, including alkaloids, phytosterols, polyphenols and triterpenes. A number of the plant’s traditional wellness uses have been reinforced by modern research, most notably its ability to encourage ideal immune response. Studies show that this effect is in part due to its antioxidant and inflammation-modulating qualities, which also may assist with certain gastrointestinal and joint health problems. Researchers have additionally looked at cats claw for its potential support of cognitive wellness and overall cardiovascular health.**

Cat's Claw Supplements

Cat's claw supplements are sourced from the inner bark of the hearty vine. These supplements are most commonly available as capsules, tablets and liquids.**

Cat's Claw Directions for Use

Prior to taking cat's claw or beginning any supplement regimen, it is important to talk to your physician. While no regular cat's claw dosage has been established, between 250 and 500 mg is a typical range for capsules or tablets.**