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Bladder health supplements help with overactive bladder problems.** They support bladder control and are rich in nutrients found in cranberries and pumpkin seeds.** Bladder health supplements also:

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What are Bladder Health Supplements?

The bladder is an integral part of the urinary system. It collects urine produced by the kidneys and holds the liquid until it is eliminated from the body through urination. Health issues related to the bladder, including overactive bladder problems, affect approximately 200 million people across the globe. Roughly 25 million adults in the United States experience occasional or regular urinary issues involving the bladder. The National Association for Continence has asserted that more than 75% of those adults are female, and millions of these women have substantial overactive bladder symptoms that interfere with overall quality of life.**

Overactive bladder issues generally include a sudden urge to urinate and/or urine leakage. Approximately one-third of adults age 30-70 believe that these unintentional situations are an inevitable aspect of aging. However, research has suggested that measures can be taken to avoid bladder control problems at any stage of life.**

Conventional wellness practices offer many kinds of bladder health support, but these forms may be linked to side effects. As an alternative, natural bladder health supplements are an increasingly popular approach for gently encouraging optimal bladder control and overall urinary system wellness. Some of the most renowned natural supplements for bladder health include:**

  • Cranberry: A fruit grown on bushes in North America, cranberries are known for their tart taste and versatile culinary uses. Cranberries are rich in antioxidants that counter the effects of oxidative stress. Numerous studies have indicated that the fruit promotes bladder health, helping to cleanse the urinary tract while supporting easy urine flow.**
  • D-Mannose: A kind of sugar that is closely related to glucose, D-mannose binds and flushes unwanted compounds and bacteria from the bladder while helping to maintain overall urinary tract wellness.**
  • Isoflavone Glycosides: Compounds found in soybeans, isoflavones are a kind of phytoestrogen that work to support bladder health and overall urinary function. Research suggests that isoflavone glycosides may work especially well in easing overactive bladder symptoms when they are paired with pumpkin seed extract.**
  • Pumpkin Seed Extract: This seed-derived oil supplies a range of vitamins, minerals and beneficial flavonoid antioxidants. With a long-standing history of bladder health support in traditional Native American wellness practices, pumpkin seed extract may encourage optimal bladder control, overactive bladder relief, and general urinary system health.**

Bladder Health Supplements

Supplements that promote bladder health originate from various sources, primarily botanicals. Capsules are the most common type of bladder health supplements. Cranberry is offered in many forms, including as a liquid, and D-mannose is also available as a powder. These nutrients are sometimes offered in combination, notably isoflavone glycosides and pumpkin seed extract.**

Bladder Health Directions for Use

Prior to using bladder health products or beginning any supplement routine, consult with your health care professional. No recommended dosages of bladder health supplements have been put in place. Levels of supportive nutrients may vary based on ingredients, with bladder health capsules typically ranging from 500 to 5,000 mg.**