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Hexane-free and cold-pressed, avocado oil is a luxurious carrier oil popular in aromatherapy. Its light aroma and rich, smooth texture makes it perfect for mixing with essential oils as well as:

  • Soothing and moisturizing the skin.
  • Promoting soft, manageable hair.
  • Nourishing and supporting nail health.
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What is Avocado?

The fourth most important tropical fruit in the world, avocados have made quite their place in history! These nutrient-rich fruits (which are actually berries) grow on Persea americana trees of the same name, which can reach a height of 60 feet and are native to Peru and Mexico. Avocados are also commonly known as alligator pears thanks to their distinct pear-like shape and green, rough skin.

Beneath the bumpy skin lies the buttery flesh of avocados that have captured the taste buds of cultures around the world for millennia. Evidence of seeds found in ancient Mesoamerica sites suggests these fruits have been cultivated for over 10,000 years! The ancient Aztecs ate the fruit and used its lush oil, and Spanish explorers found great value in avocados as well.

Avocado Carrier Oil

Cold-pressed from the pulp surrounding the pit, avocado oil is thick and silky-smooth with a light yellow color and sweet, slightly nutty aroma. It is one of the most popular carrier oils in aromatherapy, expertly blending with essential oils to create luxurious massage and skin oils while also offering benefits for hair and nail health.

Avocado oil contains several beneficial nutrients such as fatty acids, beta carotene, and vitamins A & D, and has an excellent shelf life thanks to its naturally occurring antioxidants. Piping Rock’s 100% pure, hexane-free, food-grade Avocado Oil is available in 4 oz., 16 oz., & 64 oz. bottles.

Avocado Oil Directions for Use

Avocado oil's sweet aroma and soothing emollient properties make it a perfect carrier oil in aromatherapy! Simply combine 8-10 drops of your favorite essential oil(s) with 1 oz. of avocado oil and massage into areas of concern. It can also be used on its own to benefit from its natural moisturizing properties without any added fragrance, and can be used in hot hair oil treatments to support soft, luscious locks. Try it in your next homemade DIY body care project!