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While apricots may be world-renown for their sweet, tart flesh, the kernels of these bright fruits offers nourishing benefits for the skin and hair. Piping Rock’s pure Apricot Oil is:

  • Expeller-pressed and hexane-free.

  • A moisturizing skin oil, promoting softness and suppleness.

  • A hydrating hair oil when gently rubbed into the ends of hair.

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What are Apricots?

A small tree growing in the mountains of Armenia, apricots (Prunus armeniaca) bear bright yellow-orange drupes of the same name that have captivated taste buds for centuries. These fleshy fruits are sweet and tart, and are particularly popular when dried. While the flesh has earned its popularity, it’s the kernel seed this juicy flesh surrounds that is the source of apricot oil, which offers a plethora of nourishing properties for the skin and hair.

Apricot Kernel Oil

Naturally rich in essential fatty acids, apricot kernel oil moisturizes and softens skin and hair. Non-greasy and light, it is a marvelous choice for face oils, and can also be used in hot hair oil treatments to encourage luscious locks. It is notably similar to Sweet Almond Oil and is a great option for mature and sensitive skin.

Piping Rock’s pure Apricot Kernel Oil is expeller pressed and hexane-free. Use to rejuvenate the skin and encourage a glowing complexion, or to refresh dry, dull hair. Because of it’s barely-there scent, this oil also makes a wonderful carrier oil for your favorite essential oils! Our apricot kernel oil is considered food grade.

Directions for Use

For soft, moisturized skin, apply a few drops of Piping Rock’s Apricot Kernel Oil to the desired area and gently massage into the skin until absorbed. For luscious locks, place a few drops of oil into the palm of your hand and work into the ends of your hair. This non-greasy oil is suitable to use beneath sunscreen and make-up.