Multiwitaminy 50 + (17)
Produkt #1950
41,74 zł (25% obniżki)
Produkt #2321
41,74 zł (25% obniżki)
Produkt #1951
76,03 zł (25% obniżki)
Produkt #1952
137,91 zł (25% obniżki)
Produkt #2322
76,03 zł (25% obniżki)
Produkt #2323
137,91 zł (25% obniżki)
Produkt #484
91,79 zł (25% obniżki)
Produkt #485
167,07 zł (25% obniżki)
Produkt #41487
59,08 zł (42% obniżki)
Produkt #41502
98,49 zł (31% obniżki)
Produkt #41545
63,02 zł (38% obniżki)
Produkt #41486
249,44 zł (20% obniżki)
Produkt #41326
299,49 zł (30% obniżki)
Produkt #41546
249,44 zł (20% obniżki)
Produkt #41503
165,49 zł (32% obniżki)
Produkt #641
29,52 zł (25% obniżki)
Produkt #643
53,96 zł (25% obniżki)

Multivitamins for Adults over 50 are specially formulated for the needs of older adults. They supply crucial antioxidants for healthy aging and promote overall nutritional well-being by:

  • Encouraging bone health.*

  • Assisting with energy levels.*

  • Addressing common nutritional deficiencies.*

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What are 50+ Multivitamins?

The body requires various nutrients for overall health, but our nutritional needs change during the aging process. In those aged 50 and older, the ability to absorb and use certain nutritional compounds can decrease.** On average, about 32% of people between the ages 50 and 64 were at risk for nutritional deficiencies and 35% of seniors age 65 and older were likely to lack adequate nutrients.**

These senior-specific findings have led to increases in Recommended Daily Allowances (RDA) for some nutrients. In keeping with the RDAs for older adults, 50+ multivitamins often feature greater amounts of calcium, chromium and vitamins B-6, D, E and K, as well as considerably higher levels of vitamin B12. Calcium and vitamins D and K are particularly notable for supporting bone health in older populations, while vitamins B-6 and B-12, along with chromium, promote cardiovascular and metabolic wellness.** Vitamin E encourages immune health and acts as a potent antioxidant that plays a role in healthy aging and overall wellness.**

Because 50+ multivitamins are specifically designed for the needs of older adults, there are also instances where certain nutrients are needed less. For example, requirements for iron diminish in older adulthood, resulting in its exclusion from most senior multivitamins.** Some multivitamins also feature less vitamin A, though they frequently feature more of its beta-carotene antioxidant form.**

50+ Multivitamin Supplements

50+ multivitamins should accompany a balanced regular diet that features an abundance of fruits and vegetables, along with essential fatty acids, lean protein and fiber for optimal overall health.*

There are many different kinds of 50+ multivitamins, with capsules and tablets as the most common forms. Outside of nutrients that have specific RDAs, 50+ multivitamins supplements may supply herbal extracts and compounds that offer special nutritional support for specific age-related wellness concerns.* Some examples include:

Energy: Amino acids, green tea extract and spirulina.

Men’s Health: Lycopene, pumpkin seed and saw palmetto.

Women’s Health: Soy isoflavones, GLA and black cohosh.

Eye Health: Lutein and bilberry.

Joint Health: Glucosamine, chondroitin and MSM.

Anti-Aging: Antioxidants like grape seed extract, ALA and bilberry.

50+ Multivitamins Directions for Use

Consult with your health professional prior to taking 50+ multivitamins or starting any nutritional regimen. These multivitamins often contain 50% or considerably more of the RDAs of essential vitamin and minerals, including 1,000-1,200 IU (international units) of vitamin D and 100-125 mcg (micrograms) of vitamin B-12. Also commonly present are 20-250 mcg of lutein and 300 mcg-20 mg of lycopene.**